The user interface for electronic medical records is so disappointing. I’ve always said the the interface to our EMR should look like the web sites we use everyday. Way back in 2001 I made of mockup of what that would look like using Yahoo Finance as my model. Here’s the result:

What I hoped the EMR would look like in 2001. :-(
What I hoped the EMR would look like in 2001. :-(

The single biggest thing I find missing is the ability to customize my view.

Word of wisdom from James Rickards:

Gold is not digital, cannot be wiped out by hackers, and is immune to crashing stock markets and bank failures. Russia has increased its gold reserves 70% in the past five years. China has increased its gold reserves over 200% in the same time period. Do they know something you don’t?

via Rickards: The new balance of financial terror | Darien Times.


p>Have you pre-ordered his new book, Death of Money, yet?

Of all the coverage of events in the Ukraine over the last few days, I’ve seen ~~precious little~~ no explanation of the backstory. WikiPedia has excellent background on Yulia Tymoshenko, who has a Ph.D. in Economics. What does she believe? Would the overthrow of the current president be an improvement for the people of Ukraine?

Here’s a quick summary of what I can piece together:

  1. She favors Ukraine joining the EU
  2. She favors Ukraine joining NATO
  3. She favors and has fought for the sale of natural gas between Russia and Ukraine be done without middlemen
  4. She is doing all this while trying no to antagonize Russia

James Rickards’ 2011 book Currency Wars includes a significant explanation of how Russia uses ‘blue fuel’ as a weapon in chapter 8.

This week we learned Forbes and Kickstarter experience security breaches.  Forbes makes no mention of it on their site. Kickstarter contacted all members and helpfully suggested using software to create and store passwords (like my favorite, 1Password).  My son asked me last night why all this is happening now.  Good question. And I don’t know the answer.

If you’re wondering if your information is already ‘out there’, go to  Here’s a summary of who has been pwned so far:

I personally am using cash in many transactions rather than a credit or debit card.  When I do use a card, I use a Debit card that is independent form my bank, like Simple.  And of course I use 1Password to create and store my passwords.

If you’re looking for more information on these topics, head on over to Krebs On Security. Brian Krebs is an independent security researcher and journalist.  What you read there is not simple reprints of what other have done. Brian is a primary source for me.

I am a nerd (obviously). I try to become better at being a nerd over time. That means learning new stuff. Lately I’ve been interested in what it would take to write an iPhone app.  Just this morning I was wondering what Git was and why so many Ubernerds like to use it.  The first place I go now is TeamTreehouse. For a monthly subscription fee I have unlimited access to very high quality ‘tracks’ for learning on a wide variety of topics–html, css, javascript, ruby, php, Git, the console, database basics. And it’s all pitched at the perfect level for (for me, anyway).